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Ultimate 2024 GoodNotes Planner.

The most recommended digital planner that helps you achieve your goals.

Start planning today with the best digital planner to improve your daily productivity. This is the life-changing secret of very organized people.

*files of 2022 planner are also included so you can start planning today!
Today, 124 planners sold, 124 lives changed. Will you be next?
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We believe that providing access to the best digital GoodNotes planner improves people's lives.

Dark & light mode included
Intuitive navigation
Portrait mode
Monday start
Full Jan - Dec 2024

Dark & light version

Monday start

All in one

Portrait mode

Optimized for Apple Pencil

Best-in-class navigations

Linked pages

Full 2022 calendar

12 monthly pages

52 weekly pages

365 daily pages

Someday section

Projects section

Notebooks section

123 stickers

Colorful covers

User guides

Everything pixel perfect

Usually you’d see a marketing tagline here. Instead, we’ve asked users to come up with one.

Here's what they've said about GoodNotes planner:
3,400+ people bought the planner last year
Recommended by GoodNotes Team

User tested. Research supported.

We asked our users to describe how our planner changed their lives, work and study. Here's what our customers said:

5499+ people used the planner last year
🎯 98% were able to define their goals and tasks
🎯 92% improved their daily efficiency
🎯 89% felt more in control of their lives
🎯 91% freed mind from remembering too many things
🎯 92% gained peace of mind at the end of the day
🎯 79% gained more free time

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Today, 124 planners sold, 124 lives changed. Will you be next?
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No questions. All request accepted.
2 files: dark & light mode
Full 2024 yearly calendar (jan - dec)
Monthly, weekly & daily planners
Someday/inbox section (backlog cards)
Projects list & project planner
Built-in notebooks (4 styles)
123 stickers (icons & elements)
5 colorful covers

Our mission is to help you become more productive and organized.

We believe that providing access to better planning tools improves people's lives.

You probably know the feeling when your morning resembles a slowly unleashed storm of inaccurate information. We had the same, but we found ways to organize our thoughts, create specific tasks, creative work and peaceful end of the day.

Overwhelmed by the massive amount of daily tasks, we forget that a simple plan is a peaceful head. A lack of proper understanding of priorities means a wrong process of reasoning and planing. This often means bad decisions.

Because of this, Ultimate 2024 Digital Planner for GoodNotes was created.
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